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June 5, 2012

Organizing can be fun!!!!

OK, it's not a cartwheel but hey, finding your stuff when you need it is...rewarding!!!  Or, maybe not rewarding, but less time consuming.   How about this little trick.  Go buy some inexpensive containers from wally world or target.  If you are like me, you won't get out of there without spending about $100 on other stuff, but I digress.  Buy 6 matching ones, clear boxes!!!!  Shoebox size.  There are countless items in your home you can organize with them!!!!
How about cords?
How about light bulbs???
You know as well as I do, you have STUFF!!!  Lots of STUFF, you can store in these boxes....Here's another idea...
Who doesn't have 10,000 batteries around the house?  People without kids, I guess.  We always have and need batteries.

Anyway, think of how cool this would look in your linen closet?  You would look so..."Martha"!!!  (as in Stewart)  You might even find yourself, doing a cartwheel afterwards.  :)  Happy Organizing....

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