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June 28, 2012

How to stage a bathroom:

  • Clear off the counters. Store daily use items in a basket, out of sight, inside cabinet.
  • Remove all medicines to a safe, private place.
  • Remove any and ALL items you are not using, or do not need. Hide feminine protection items.
  • Put cleaning supplies into a new, clean bucket.
  • Clean the bathroom till it looks like new. Tiles, grout, switch plates, air vent covers (these are usually rusty- remove, clean, and spray paint them glossy white).
  • Repair walls and paint, replace missing grout, add new caulking, replace old toilet seat (mandatory).
  • If tub is chipped or stains won't lift, hire someone to re-enamel the tub.
  • Don't store your clothes hamper in the bathroom. Store clothes in laundry room next to washing machine.
  • If your toilet paper holder, towel bars, light fixture, or cabinet knobs are outdated or have seen better days, replace them.
  • Add a new white or neutral shower curtain, as well as fresh towels.
  • Use plush rugs.
  • Tri-fold the towels so the edges are in the rear on the rod.
  • Add greenery. Flowers, ferns.
  • Beach shells are a nice touch.

Create a bath that you'd buy the house for,
just so you could have the bathroom that goes with it!

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