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May 19, 2012

Speaking about Karma

So, I posted this Karma thing 2 days ago.  Here's a karma story for you.

Yesterday, my husband was out running and found wallet contents.  Credit cards, voter registration card, ss card, etc..,  There was no cash and no wallet but a large stack of pretty much everything else.  As he kept running, he kept finding other scattered cards.  When he got home, he showed them to me.  We both agreed that the person with all those cards probably had cancelled them all but would be relieved to know someone had found them.  He had a name and address from the contents and called information.  Fortunately, the number was a listed number.  The guy came to our house immediately to get the contents.  He was thrilled, to say the least.  He offered money and my husband turned it down.  When he left, he said to my husband, that is great karma, something good will happen to you for this.   (which was odd that he even mentioned karma a day after I blogged about it!)
Well, last night, our beloved dog, Sandy, got out of our yard via a broken fence post that we did not realize was broken!!!!  She is 5 and has only gotten loose one other time and we found her right away.  A lady knocked on our door and brought her back to us before we even realized she was missing!!!  It was 7:30 at night.  If it had been later and dark, it could have been bad. 

After Sandy was returned, my husband told me what the guy said when he got the wallet.  My husband said, that was his karma coming back to him!!!

How cool!!!!

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