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May 29, 2012

I did some PR for a new airline start up called PEOPLExpress not long ago.  Actually this airline was an airline before and they are making a come back.  The CEO is a very charismatic man.  Incredibly charming. He has surrounded himself with some really nice folks.  Tragically, his 20 something son, passed away last week.  The week prior to this awful news, a friend of mine, Lynn lost her 20 something son. 
It is leveling.  Why did this happen?  Is this God's plan?  God has given us free will, so certainly He never plans anything so devastating.  Of course, it is heartbreaking to try to lift someone else up, when you yourself have no idea the answers.  The compassion is so deep because it could happen to any parent, at any time.  It is our risk for loving so deeply.  We are all born to die.  Nothing ever loved is ever lost or gone, it is still inside us.  A different love, completely, not tangible, of course but it is there.
How would you lift yourself up after this horrible event?  How do you try to live again with that intangible presence?  I love hugging my sons.  How would I go on with out them there to touch, hug, smell?  I wish I had the answer to this and I pray to God, I never have to experience that pain.  I will continue to pray that each family will hold on to their faith and find a meaningful life again, after time. 
One quote I know for sure, as I experienced it after my Grammy passed.  As she is with me quite often. 

“Death ends a life, not a relationship.”
Mitch Albom, Tuesdays with Morrie


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