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May 16, 2012


I have garages on the brain!!!  I am honored to be able to design the garage for homearama.  If you are not familiar, homearama is the Tidewaters Builders Association home show.  Closet Factory is working on a house in the show and I am honored to get the garage, along with my design manager, Claudia!  We met today to go over our design and I am just so happy.  I will include the photo as soon as the garage is built (mid June).  Here are some of my inspirations!!!!
I am pretty sure if we had a garage like the one above, my husband would never leave the garage!!!!  :)
I love the red above.  The walls are going to be gray in our design with red cabinet doors!!!!  Black and gray will be on the floor.
I will add more photo's later.  Our Closet Factory cabinets will sit flush on the floor, which I like much better because bugs and dust and other unmentionables can't accumulate.  Are you inspired to clean your garage now????  :)

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