A Beautiful World

May 29, 2012

I did some PR for a new airline start up called PEOPLExpress not long ago.  Actually this airline was an airline before and they are making a come back.  The CEO is a very charismatic man.  Incredibly charming. He has surrounded himself with some really nice folks.  Tragically, his 20 something son, passed away last week.  The week prior to this awful news, a friend of mine, Lynn lost her 20 something son. 
It is leveling.  Why did this happen?  Is this God's plan?  God has given us free will, so certainly He never plans anything so devastating.  Of course, it is heartbreaking to try to lift someone else up, when you yourself have no idea the answers.  The compassion is so deep because it could happen to any parent, at any time.  It is our risk for loving so deeply.  We are all born to die.  Nothing ever loved is ever lost or gone, it is still inside us.  A different love, completely, not tangible, of course but it is there.
How would you lift yourself up after this horrible event?  How do you try to live again with that intangible presence?  I love hugging my sons.  How would I go on with out them there to touch, hug, smell?  I wish I had the answer to this and I pray to God, I never have to experience that pain.  I will continue to pray that each family will hold on to their faith and find a meaningful life again, after time. 
One quote I know for sure, as I experienced it after my Grammy passed.  As she is with me quite often. 

“Death ends a life, not a relationship.”
Mitch Albom, Tuesdays with Morrie


May 26, 2012

I love to re-purpose something.   It's just a green thing to do, you know saving the planet and all. 
This is the cutest idea.  An old wine rack in the bathroom.  You could also use this wine rack in a doctors office waiting room, for magazines.  You could place it in the garage for shorter gardening tools.  How about in the kitchen for a rolling pin collection?  What would you use it for? 

May 20, 2012

Closet #1
Closet #2

More photo's of Terry's closet! :)

May 19, 2012

Speaking about Karma

So, I posted this Karma thing 2 days ago.  Here's a karma story for you.

Yesterday, my husband was out running and found wallet contents.  Credit cards, voter registration card, ss card, etc..,  There was no cash and no wallet but a large stack of pretty much everything else.  As he kept running, he kept finding other scattered cards.  When he got home, he showed them to me.  We both agreed that the person with all those cards probably had cancelled them all but would be relieved to know someone had found them.  He had a name and address from the contents and called information.  Fortunately, the number was a listed number.  The guy came to our house immediately to get the contents.  He was thrilled, to say the least.  He offered money and my husband turned it down.  When he left, he said to my husband, that is great karma, something good will happen to you for this.   (which was odd that he even mentioned karma a day after I blogged about it!)
Well, last night, our beloved dog, Sandy, got out of our yard via a broken fence post that we did not realize was broken!!!!  She is 5 and has only gotten loose one other time and we found her right away.  A lady knocked on our door and brought her back to us before we even realized she was missing!!!  It was 7:30 at night.  If it had been later and dark, it could have been bad. 

After Sandy was returned, my husband told me what the guy said when he got the wallet.  My husband said, that was his karma coming back to him!!!

How cool!!!!

May 18, 2012

Terry's Closet Before and After!!!!

Terry had a large master bedroom and 3 reach in closets, instead of one master!  We needed some organization for her.  She is an awesome client.  We had a lot of fun together and planning her design was a joy.  I could really listen to her all day long.  She is from Boston, so she has that cool cool accent.  I am a voice over artist and love different dialects.  She is a great family gal and I instantly relate and could really hear her stories forever.  About the design, she knew what she wanted and was great at collaborating her design with me. 
This is the before of closet #1
And here is the after-
 So we were able to utilize the space better.  The bed is right off this closet.  I wanted her to have a nightstand type thing to put her bottle of water, pills, books, whatever.  I also wanted her to have a hamper.  Right before she goes to bed, she can put her clothes in the hamper!!! She desperately wanted a file drawer!  (that is what is above the hamper-it is a lateral file drawer).  Beautiful is it????

Here is closet #2  My main mission was to get rid of those shoe hangers on the door.  (stay tuned for closet #3)

Terry had a lot of hanging items and I wanted closet #2 to be just double hang!!!!!  Above it is a shelf for boxes!!!  Don't you love the darker brown she used to paint the walls with????  LOVE IT!!!!

Here is closet #3

Here is closet #3 after!!!  The hanging clothes are in the middle of the closet, although it looks like it is on the end- the photo is misleading.  The end had baskets!!!
Above is the left side (with the 3 sliding baskets).  One drawer.  Close ups of closet #3  This large shoe shelf (10 shelves) is on the right side.  (In closet #2 you will notice all the shoes hanging on the door, my mission was to get rid of that thing)  With sliding doors, you really have to keep hanging in the middle!!!  This was the only closet out of the 3 that had sliding doors the other doors were french doors.

There you go!!!!  All done!  So happy, Terry was thrilled.  She will be even happier in the morning when she is organized and clutter free and able to see all her clothes.   I think she will spend less money when shopping because she can see all her stuff.  

Here I am, saving the world one...closet at a time!!!!!  YAY!!!!

Isn't this the cutest idea????  Putting Barbie to sleep in a shoe rack!!!  I don't have girls but if I did, I would so totally hang this on the back of the door for her to put her barbies in to go to "sleep" until it is time to play again!!!!  Love it!

May 16, 2012


Is your circle positive or negative?  If you are negative in thought, word or deed, perhaps you need to rework your plan.  You attract what you are.  If you are giving, it will show to your clients and you will most likely get more work because of it.  If you are not, word gets around fast.  I have worked for and with some real jerks over the past couple years.  I really started to think I was attracting them to my life for some odd reason.  Not true!  As soon as I identified the problem, I left it.  Sometimes it takes trial and error but eventually one lands in an environment that is perfect and positive.  If you feel liked and valued that is a great sign you are where you are meant to be.  That's Karma, baby!

I have garages on the brain!!!  I am honored to be able to design the garage for homearama.  If you are not familiar, homearama is the Tidewaters Builders Association home show.  Closet Factory is working on a house in the show and I am honored to get the garage, along with my design manager, Claudia!  We met today to go over our design and I am just so happy.  I will include the photo as soon as the garage is built (mid June).  Here are some of my inspirations!!!!
I am pretty sure if we had a garage like the one above, my husband would never leave the garage!!!!  :)
I love the red above.  The walls are going to be gray in our design with red cabinet doors!!!!  Black and gray will be on the floor.
I will add more photo's later.  Our Closet Factory cabinets will sit flush on the floor, which I like much better because bugs and dust and other unmentionables can't accumulate.  Are you inspired to clean your garage now????  :)

Tension Rods!
They are not just for curtains any more.  Love these idea's to better organize your space.

May 14, 2012

How cute is this???  This would be perfect in a new kitchen!  Here is another one that is built into the cabinets.
Of course, I could do something like this, with the doggie dishes underneath!!! Love this design!!!  Don't forget your favorite four legged pet when designing a new pantry or kitchen or even laundry room!!!  :)

May 10, 2012

Organizational Tip of the Day!

Metal garbage cans are cool, retro and look good in a garage. No, not for garbage, silly- for STORAGE!!!! :) Put all that gardening soil, fertilizer, bug killer and other misc. things that are on the floor of your garage in a bin!!!!! If you want to get real fancy, label it and then tape over the label with large, clear packing tape. You could even put your kids soccer balls and other sports stuff in there. 

April Fools

Juicing!!!! Day 4

The worst day, yet!  UGH! 
OK!  I admit it.  I am hungry.

Juicing!!!! Day 6

Here is a yummy blended morning drink!

handful of spinach
1/2 bottle of coconut water
2 banana's
spoonful of peanut butter
crushed ice

YUM!  I can't think of a better way to start the day!!!!  :) 

May 9, 2012

So....Here is an amazing low cal dessert, I found it on pinterest!!!!  We LOVE this. 

First cut up a banana and dab some PB on it.  I also peeled a clementine because it was sitting on the counter. 

Next, microwave about a cup of choc chips and small amount of almond milk.  (maybe a quarter cup) Start with 30 seconds and then try to stir...if it is still hard- 10 more seconds...cover the banana's and orange slices in chocolate...

Then stick in the freezer to harden!!!


Closet Envy

Organization is paramount to a well run house.  You can have a day that flows, or a day that doesn't.  It's your choice.  Take a look at this before and after.  Which space would be easier to find things in?  Which would leave you anxious?  Start today!!!  Just one shelf.  Free yourself!