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March 30, 2012

Juicing!!!! Day 5

So, after I blew my fast last night on some hummus and a shortbread cookie, I decided I should just throw in the towel.

Today for breakfast I had:
1 strawberry juice
1 apple juice  (4 apples juiced, for my husband and myself)

Juiced 4 tomato's and a quarter of an onion and had one glass and saved the rest (YUM!)
8 pieces of shrimp tempura sushi

Large spinach salad with strawberries and pistachio's and sunflower seeds
2 glasses of wine (another juice!!!)

I took a walk with my support system and friend, Carolyn, and told her I fell off the wagon!! LOL!  She also had a small salad last night.

I will say, this morning I woke up with such energy, I told my husband it felt like I was on drugs or something.  I got more done today then I usually do in a week.  Took a long walk with my juicing friend and just feel good about all of it.

My take away:
I would DEFINITELY do this again.  I really do have a great amount of energy.  I love that it forced me to try all different types of juices and I am certainly hooked.  Perhaps not for a fast but definitely I will be drinking much more juiced juice.  I will probably never buy store bought again.  The juicer makes it so much better.  Happy Juicing, friends!!!!

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