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March 28, 2012

Juicing!!!! Day 3

Still hungry!

I am not as foggy today and only wanted one cup of coffee this am.

Made some new juices, as I finished the others:

Fruit Juice:

4 Apples (tried a glass of just that- AMAZING)
After the glass of apple juice- I had very little left so added
1 box of strawberry's
1/4 box of blueberry's
one more apple
2 lemons

This is an amazing concoction!!!  Love it.

Vegi Juice:
A full box of spinach
broccoli slaw
2 carrotts
2 cucumbers
2 handfuls of basil
2 lemons

Also, pretty good.

I am really hungry but I don't think it is my stomach that is hungry- I think it is my mind.  I just want to eat food.  I think I miss the chewing, preparing, all of it.  I have gone for walks every day, since this started.  Yesterday was the worst day, today is not all that great, but mainly because I miss food.  I do have more energy today, than yesterday.

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