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March 26, 2012

Juicing!!!! Day 1

Got my juicer today!!!!Woohoo.  I couldn't wait, so I went ahead and started my juice fast this afternoon.

Here is what I did today with food and juice:  this morning I ate 2 packs of steel oatmeal and drank two cups of coffee.  I got home around 4 from work, found my juicer and made juice.  I had to eat a quick lunch, which I normally NEVER do but I had a very busy day and only ate 3 pieces of wheat bread with goat cheese on top.

I spoke to my friend, Carolyn, who is also doing this fast with me and is my support system.  I tend to over analyze things and read a book and several blogs on juicing.  I asked my friend what her strategy was, as some people say to only juice fruit juice in the morning, some people say to not mix certain things or drink citrus unless you have been juicing for a few days.  She made me laugh when she said, girl I am just going throw stuff in there (except she said another S word) and blend it and drink it.  LOL!  Great way for me to put it in perspective.

My take away.  You can research this stuff to death.  WHY?  It is healthy, it is the juice of several different AMAZING anti oxidants.  Like the nike ad says, "just do it"!!!!

My first juice:

A head of cauliflower
a bag of celery
4 tomato's
couple handfuls of basil
one red pepper
1/4 bag of spinach


I was excited, so I did another juice!  A fruit juice!!! (it is fun to see the beautiful colors that come out and I didn't want to stop!!!)

Second Juice:

5 peeled tangerines
1 pinapple
1 peeled lemon

I was excited so I drank one full glass of both.  I had enough left over to put in mason jars (the small ones that look like a glass you'd drink out of- not fat- thinner) I have 3 of each.  I will probably drink those tonight.  Not sure.


Jill Walters said...

Sounds like you are having a great adventure with this. I read that you should drink the juice immediately though, and not save or store it as that will take away the "living" quality of the juice. Not sure where I saw that but something to think about... J :)

Cheri Bass said...

Yes, you can really research it all to death. I saw the same but also saw that the mason jars are a good option. Juicing 5 times a day might discourage me and keeping it in an airtight container filled to the brim (to keep as much air out as possible) is OK. Not as good as juicing and drinking it right away but still better than processed junk and meat!!! :) That is my mentality.