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August 10, 2009

Julia Child

I just got back from the movie Julie and Julia and it inspired me!!! In many ways, actually, but mostly to cook and to blog.
OK I know my blog is a crazy hodgepodge of stuff. There isn't one focus and I have no clue how to do it any other way. I loved Julie's idea of following a cookbook all the way through and writing about it each day. I would love to be that disciplined. I really have no clue what to narrow a blog down to. I have random thoughts and things come to me at various time. The no brainer would be breast cancer and the trials and tribulations regarding all I am going through this year. Honestly, I have a ton to say on the subject but all of it depressing and I really would rather be more uplifting in my spare time from the constant disaster that is currently my life!
Until a focused revelation comes my way I will have to work on my other inspiration from the movie...cooking!!!!! OK, I love to cook but only sometimes! Mostly I think of it as a chore and not the joy it can be. Plus, my husband is a great cook and does the chore more often than not. I am going to start my new mission with my tried and true cookbook. It's a compilation of all my Grandmother's dishes (in her writing, no less). Right now I have a repertoire of about 20 different dishes I make over and over. Most of them I know by heart by now. It's easy and safe and did I say, easy? I know what to buy at the grocery store. I know approximately how long it will take me. I know mistakes I have made in the past and what not to do. I know which of these my kids will eat and which one's make them squish their noses like only kids can! I am throwing all that knowledge out the window and making a new recipe of hers. Tonight!!!! Who knows, if I relax in this way, perhaps a revelation on what to focus my blog on will occur?

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