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April 19, 2009

Building On....

Why do all kids like building forts?  They are so into it.  My oldest son used to make them with blankets, couch cushions and the table.  Then both boys moved onto building them with blankets on the bunk bed they used to share.  When I walked in after showering when they were around 6 and 3, every sofa cushion was gone, no blankets could be found and the dining room table chairs were all on their sides .  They were outside playing (we had a small fenced in backyard), after building the largest fort known to mankind and I had no place to sit!!!  
I think it is metaphoric in a sense.
Building is the most important part of relationships: friendships, marriage, children and parent relationships and business partnerships.  If you don't trust the foundation, how do you know the structure will stand?  
Much trial and error is needed, just like the pictured fort!  As I sat in the sun relaxing, Bryce worked on that fort for at least an hour.  He tried chairs in different positions, cushions every which way, there are several sticks holding up the chairs so the weight of them wouldn't topple everything.
Sometime there is no base,  there never was one and so then it is hard to have any type of building when you are starting with nothing.  Only years of memories with no base.  This is what causes all relationships to end.  No base.  It's not about you being a rebel with your parents, it's about them never being a structure to stand on or relax under.  It's not about your husband lying to you.  He never had a base in his own head, because of how he was raised.  It's not about your friends being mean or rude, it's about learning how to pick the right friends that you can form a good solid foundation on!  Business structure must start from a good base, either great management skills or a fantastic partner or it is doomed to failure.
How is your fort, coming along?  If it has no base, you must do what kids do and tear it down and start over, this time with a solid foundation!

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